Happy new year! We hope you had an amazing New Year’s Eve, and are having a great starte to this new one as well. Without further adieu..we have the results of the Maine Holiday Photo Contest. With 28 entries and hundreds of votes, this was our best year yet! Comments comments

Right now, beer is the word in Portland. It doesn’t hurt that Portland has some of the most talked about breweries in the country, on top of being a popular foodie city. But this week especially, beer is on everyone’s minds. Why, you ask? Portland is in the midst of #207BeerWeek which is going on […]

It’s almost that time of year again…Halloween in Portland! Whether you’re into ghosts, goblins, and hauntings, or you want to know about the best parties this side of the East Coast (they are in Portland, obviously), we’ve got this list of can’t miss Portland events all ready for you. Read on! Comments comments

Here at Herrigel Kennedy, we like to do things a little bit differently. Whether it’s our approach to the home buying process, or how we interact with our clients, we take immense pride in everything that we do! Maybe you’ve noticed, but we’ve recently started a pretty cool online show called Oceanfront Kings. If there’s […]