Happy hour is a rite of necessity. No matter where you may live, it’s inevitable that you’re going to go out for drinks one night after a long work day. Why not make it more memorable and go to one of these great bars? Happy hour in Portland will never be the same for you! […]

Ah, summer. We love it as much as anyone else, and what better way to enjoy the season than eating out in Portland? From fine dining to casual affairs, we have the five best Portland restaurant picks that you have to check out! Comments comments

Maine’s Home Sales In May It’s hotter and hotter today! Not just the temperature, but in real estate home sales! The results from May are here and it’s the oldest adage in the book: April showers bring May flowers are definitely true in real estate today! Though nationwide, and even in the Northeast, home sales […]

We know it’s hard to get stuff done in the summer. Nice weather, happy hour after work..all the time that you once had to go look at houses or browse for a new home is now being monopolized. Well, lucky for you, we’ve got a solution. Comments comments

If you’re looking to buy a home right now, then you know that finding your dream home can depend on the season that you’re buying it in. Summer is right around the corner, and the question must be asked: Do you know how to buy a home for the best value this summer? We do! […]

Spring Has Returned! Are you as excited for this gorgeous seventy degree weather as we are? It almost seems impossible, but soon we’ll be going to the beach, eating popsicles, and complaining that it’s too hot! But first, the important things. Like what is going on with your lawn? The winter was long and cruel, […]

It’s crazy to believe, but summer is right around the corner! From outdoor concerts in Monument Square, to the 41st annual Old Port Fest, here’s the lowdown on Portland Maine Summer 2014 events and what’s going on this summer. With a summer like this, of course Maine is the way that life should be! Comments […]