No matter what time of year, you can find people swarming the Public Market in downtown Portland. Why? A lot of it is because it’s the primary home of Kamasouptra, and they also have the best clam chowder you can find. You may think that you’ve tasted one clam chowder, so you’ve tasted them all, […]

In the news, it appears that Maine is having a moment. And that may be true, but it’s more than that. In Maine, there’s so much more to do here than meets the eye. We’re known for our delectable lobster rolls and beyond fresh seafood, but there’s a lot more than you’d see at first […]

Those looking for real estate in Maine will tell you that the most attractive thing is waterfront property. But what if you want something more? Enter that endless search for oceanfront property. There’s really nothingĀ like owning your own little piece of the ocean, especially right outside your window. So where do you find these properties? […]

We know…it’s still justĀ August in Maine. But before you know it, the leaves will be falling, the air will be crisp, and fall will be here. Why not embrace this incredibly beautiful season, and enjoy it the way that Maine meant it to be? Comments comments

Happy hour is a rite of necessity. No matter where you may live, it’s inevitable that you’re going to go out for drinks one night after a long work day. Why not make it more memorable and go to one of these great bars? Happy hour in Portland will never be the same for you! […]

Ah, summer. We love it as much as anyone else, and what better way to enjoy the season than eating out in Portland? From fine dining to casual affairs, we have the five best Portland restaurant picks that you have to check out! Comments comments